TFP The core business of the Firm: the tax law
TFP & Associates is a tax law firm; tax law represents the core business of the Firm.

The consulting activity provided by the Firm includes company taxation, international tax law, direct and indirect taxes and tax litigation.

Main activity areas
Companies and Groups of Companies
The professionals of the Firm have a consolidated experience in the tax field, of both ordinary and extraordinary character.

Extraordinary transactions
TFP & Associates has a long-term experience in providing counseling on the legal tax profiles as well as on corporate governance aspects of extraordinary transactions and corporate restructurings (shares/quota transfers, transfers of going concerns, mergers, de-mergers, contributions, joint ventures, etc.), including the related international tax aspects and the tax due-diligence to be carried out in connection with such transactions.

International and EC taxation
The Firm provides its clients with qualified and valuable counseling on major international tax issues (permanent establishment, transfer prices, CFC rules, cross-border labor issues, such as secondment of personnel, etc.).

Inheritance and asset reorganization
TFP & Associates has strong expertise on transactions regarding asset reorganization and, more generally, on family asset planning through different tools (trusts, destination bonds, etc.).  

Tax litigation
The professionals of the Firm have a consolidated experience in assisting and representing taxpayers in connection with tax inspections performed by tax authorities, the out-of-court proceedings before the same authorities and the litigations before tax courts (including the Supreme Court).

Custom duties
The Firm also advises on the different aspects of custom duties and ensures a proper and valuable assistance to both custom agents and import/export companies.

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